Beach Bunny Swimwear: Sexy Bikinis & Designer Swimsuits For Women

Beach Bunny Swimwear lets women show off their bodies, feel confident, glamorous, flirty, and fun all at the same time in their sexy bikinis. From classic silhouettes to ultra glamorous bikini pieces, Beach Bunny Swimwear celebrates every woman’s style in an undeniably playful way. Beach Bunny Swimwear is swimwear for women made sexy.

The Beach Bunny Swimwear Story

Since its start in 2003, founder and original BB Babe, Angela Chittenden, has grown Beach Bunny Swimwear into a global brand that is recognized in swimwear boutiques and fashion retailers around the world.

Based in beautiful Orange County, Southern California (home to famous Huntington Beach), Beach Bunny Swimwear designs extremely beautiful swimsuits for the summer obsessed beach girl, famous fashion models (women), and swimwear lovers around the world. Beach Bunny Swimwear uses the finest European swimsuit fabrics for women, creating luxurious swimwear (sexy bikinis and beautiful one piece swimsuits) while delivering exceptional fit for their beautiful Beach Bunnies.