Cinq a Sept Fashion For Women

Cinq a Sept is a women’s collection named for those hours between late afternoon and early evening when anything is possible. Between 5 and 7 p.m., a golden glow illuminates the street as the day winds down for some, and is just beginning for others. Cinq a Sept is youthful and daring, dressing the woman for whom day melts into night. With a unique collection of dresses, from cocktail dresses to formal dresses, the Cinq a Sept collection includes something for every occasion. Statement sleeves, luxe textures, and feminine embellishments make classic blouses and jackets new again, while Cinq a Sept pants and skirts are a fresh take on retro silhouettes. Shop ZARZAR FASHION for a selection of women’s ready-to-wear by Cinq a Sept.

cinq à sept sank·ah·set sæŋk’e’set n : The time between late afternoon and early evening when streets are awash in the warm glow of the vanishing sun and anything is possible.

Cinq a Sept Women’s Collection

Sharing its name with the French term for the liminal moment linking late afternoon and early evening, Cinq à Sept brings the intriguing tension between day and night to a new advanced contemporary collection. Inspired by the hours between 5 and 7 p.m., when city streets are awash in the warm glow of the vanishing sun and office desks are abandoned for cocktails and as-yet unknown possibilities, Cinq à Sept embodies a deliberate balance between sophistication and ease, youthful daring and confident allure. The collection’s modern feminine aesthetic embraces unexpected details and striking silhouettes, resulting in clothing that draw their romance and sexiness from the women wearing them.